Just Like You is about a little boy getting ready for his first day of pre-school. You will meet his mommy, big brother and sister and also some of the animals on his farm and oh yes, you will learn about his trach. Mommy and big sister go to school and explain to the children about Slade's trach. The kids ask questions and mommy answers in easy to understand language. Why does it sound like that, can he eat, can he talk, etc. The kids not only learn about a trach, but they also learn a very valuable lesson, though I may look different on the outside, I'm Just Like You on the inside. 

This hard cover, beautifully illustrated book was written because of the need for all kids, as well as adults, to learn about the tracheostomy. Whether your child has a trach or if you just want your child to learn about others this is a very cute and meaningful book.

Emily Dunafin

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