Tracheostomy Books

Pediatric Tracheostomy Home Care Guide
by Cynthia M. Bissell, RN
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008

Cowboy Dreams by Jack Stoddard, Reading level: Ages 9-12

Just Like You by Emily Dunafin

The Care of Children With Long-Term Tracheostomies
by Ken M., Ph.D. Bleile (Editor)
List: $45.00
Published by Singular Pub Group
Publication date: July 1993

Care of Your Tracheostomy : A Patient Guide
by Tracheostomy Teaching Committee
List: $8.00
Published by Catholic Health Assn.
Publication date: July 1987

A Guide to Pediatric Tracheostomy Care
by Pat Adamo
List: $27.95
Published by Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Second Edition, 1993

Living With Your Tracheostomy
List: $7.95
Published by Center for Learning, Jan, 1993

"Growing and Thriving with Tracheostomy: A complete guide for Anyone Caring for an Infant, Child or Teenager with a Tracheostomy."
by Kristi Vander Hyde APRN, BC/University of Michigan Health Systems, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology Cost: $15.00 (does not include binder). Includes shipping and handling. September 2010 Contact: Kristi Vander Hyde 734-936-5730

Tracheostomy and Artificial Ventilation in the Treatment of Respiratory Failure
by Stanley A. Feldman
List: $17.50
3rd Edition
Published by Krieger Publishing Company, June 1977

Tracheostomy Care Manual
by Howard Levine, Connie Miller
2nd Edition
Published by Thieme Medical Pub, April, 1988

Tracheostomy for the Nurse
by F. Wilson
Published by Edward Arnold

Tracheotomy (Sipac)
by Johannes J. Fagan (Editor)
3rd Edition
Published by Amer Academy of Otolaryngology, January 1997

When Your Child is Technology-Assisted
A home care guide for families
by Paul Kahn

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