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Welcome to the Trachties Listserv for individuals with tracheostomies, parents & caregivers of children with tracheostomies and anyone interested in tracheostomy care.  Trachties Listserv is owned and maintained by Aaron's Tracheostomy Page.

Special Thanks to Kelly Killough who founded this list in April of 1998.


The information and resources on Aaron's Tracheostomy Page, Aaron's Tracheostomy Message Boards, Trachties Listserv and related social networks are for networking and educational purposes only. This web site and its resources are not engaged in rendering medical, pharmaceutical nor therapeutic advice or professional services. The information provided through these pages, message boards and listserv or any links from this web site should not be used as a substitute for professional advice by qualified doctors and/or therapists.

What is a Listserv?

A listserv is a free email group. With a listserv, you can connect with others who share your interests and passions.  You send one email to the group and everyone will receive it. When someone replies, everyone gets the reply too. It's easy and fun. 

The purpose of this listserv is to support, network, share resources, stories and experiences with people involved in tracheostomy care.  This list is open to individuals with tracheostomies, family members, service providers and anyone interested in tracheostomy issues.


What this list is all about...

Posted by Deb, Wed 6/25/2003 10:46 AM

This list is all about sharing.  Sharing good things, triumphs, joys, accomplishments... Sharing difficult things, let-downs, discouragements, challenges, sorrows, pain.  Sharing questions, insights, information, help... What brings us together is that our child, grandchild, friend, (or ourselves) may need, does need, has now or has had a tracheostomy. A lot of kids and adults on this list have a tracheostomy now, most in fact. Some don't have one yet, but may need one in the future. Others don't have one anymore and are moving into that scary world without one, which brings on it's own set of questions and issues... Each person has their own set of "other issues" they bring with them into this lists that makes them unique and interesting and that helps them interact and relate on this list. I am incredibly thankful for every parent, grandparent, caregiver, nurse, or doctor, child or teen or adult with a trach, everyone who contributes in any way on this list. Thanks to everyone who makes a contribution. We cheer with each other and we cry with each other. That's what it's all about. Deb


Policy Statement

Trachties is a place for networking, sharing of ideas and resources for dealing with life with a tracheostomy. It is also open to the individuals with tracheostomies, friends and caretakers of kids or adults with tracheostomies.

What is Appropriate to Post?

Appropriate posts include seeking and sharing of information pertaining to tracheostomy care, special needs, disabilities, networking and moral support (of which venting is a form).


At Trachties, we all have the right to be respected. Dealing with medical dependence on a daily basis, we are under a tremendous amount of pressure in coping with domestic, medical, therapeutic, school and social issues (to name the few most prominent). 

No one needs to be challenged by others on or off the list. Being told their abilities are poor, or that the program they are using is wrong or they are negligent are all forbidden.


Netiquette, Internet etiquette, is mainly watching your manners while participating with the list. This includes keeping to topic, reducing quoting and keeping signature lines to a reasonable length.

Please limited quoting and signature lines (typically no more than four lines).  It is recommended that the "Quote Original Message when Replying" feature of your mail program be turned off.

You should also respect copyrights and not publish the material of others without permission and/or attribution.

Please view the Email Netiquette Guide.

What is NOT Appropriate to Post:


Personal attacks are not welcome here and are cause for removal.  This also includes privately flaming members off the list. If you see an attack, do not answer, but please forward it to the list moderator.  

To Avoid Flame wars:

No Solicitation

Trachties does not permit solicitation. This includes, but is not limited to:

Note:   Recommending a resource to list members is fine.  There is a difference between solicitation (or advertising), and identifying a good resource. A resource recommendation comes from someone who has used the resource and is speaking from their own personal experience.

The purpose of the Trach-ties listserv is to share support and information pertaining to tracheostomy care. This list is not for the canvassing of any particular religious or political ideals nor is it a forum to debate for or against abortion or euthanasia.  Please do not send religious postings to this listserv. This is not the mission of this listserv. This is a non-denominational list and we have several religious, and non-religious viewpoints represented here.  At a minimum, posts should have some tie in some way to a person with a tracheostomy.  


Subscribers who do not adhere to the policies above will have their accounts changed to a "REVIEW" mode with no warning given.  In "REVIEW" Mode the list moderator will review posts submitted to Trach-Ties and then approve or not approve them for distribution to the list. If a submitted post is not within the policies as set above the message will be returned with a rejection notice. I will only write to the member privately and will not involve the list.

Copyright Information

Please note that posts to Trach-ties (or to any list) are not "Public Domain." Authors retain ownership through traditional copyright law. If you have any intention of quoting or abstracting from posts to the Trach-ties list, particularly for publication, you must first contact the author directly, and specifically obtain permission.


You may email the moderator privately with complaints or questions regarding the administration of this list or if you are having problems with other members. Do not utilize the list for disputes. 


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