Uniting Trach Children

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Original members of the Dallas TrachTies Support Group, who's parents first met via Aaron's Tracheostomy Page.  Each of these children are features in Kids with Tracheostomies.
Haley Barton, Max Niemann Daily, Dakota Killough and Rachel Levy

On September 27, 1998, TrachTies Support Group of Dallas hosted a Uniting Trach Children party for all of the trached children who are patients at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. A total of 13 families attended as well as a few members of the hospital staff. For many of the families, this was the first time they had even seen another child with a trach.

Each family was able to learn about trach products and accessories from the numerous medical products and literature that were donated. There were many new and interesting products that many had never seen before. Two companies sent sales representative to discuss their products with the parents.

Our goals are to host this party annually and to increase the turnout each year. The children thoroughly enjoyed the company of one another. This party allowed them to see that there are other children who have trachs. The parents were also able to offer support and information to the other families.

Kelly Killough