The Vest

The Vest system is an easy-to-use airway clearance device for both children and adults. The device consists of an inflatable vest connected by two tubes to a small air-pulse generator. The current patented version is quiet and easy to transport, enabling people to receive effective airway clearance therapy at home, work, or on the road.

More about the Vest from Connor's Mom Deb

Above is a photo of Connor (age 4 ½) using the vest. He has the "full vest" on. There is also a "chest vest" (which is actually shown in the picture at the top of this page). 

Connor uses his vest 2x a day for 20 minutes each time when he is healthy. When he is sick he does vest treatments at least 3x a day. He also does albuterol/atrovent treatments during his vest treatment, which make the vest treatments even more effective by helping to open his airways and loosen up secretions. Connor enjoys watching a video while doing his treatments. 

The vest works by inflating and then "vibrating" the patient. The vest has different pressure and frequency settings and a timer. Connor has one pressure setting for the whole 20 minutes, but has 2 different frequency settings. He does 10 minutes on the setting of "10" and 10 minutes on the setting of "12", which just means that he starts out with less "jiggling" and then after 10 minutes the "jiggling" increases in intensity. There is a foot or hand pedal type device that must be pressed in order for the "jiggling" to occur. This is great for adults that do the treatments as they can put their foot on it or sit on it. Not the greatest for kids. So we put it in a drawer part way and that keeps pressure on it so it keeps going. It is easy to stop so we can suction him or stop it if it becomes "too much". 

The vest treatments work very well for Connor, who has an almost like Cystic Fibrosis type problem, with deep mucus plugs in his lower airways.

How Payment Works...

With a pediatrician's referral the Vest Company will send you the vest system video and equipment in the mail. Then a therapist will call you and set up a time to come to your house and fit you/your child. You then use the vest system for 30 days and every week or so the company calls to ask you a list of questions to see how the vest is helping. They also check to see how much you've used it by asking you to read them the number on the side of the machine (tracks minutes used). After the 30 days your pediatrician has to authorize continued use. Then they start to ask your insurance company to approve use. You get to keep using it until payment is worked out with your insurance company, through scholarship or a payment plan.

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