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All this equipment may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but most parents quickly become experts in their child's care. 

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home ventilator 

LTV 950 from Pulmonetic Systems

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Travel Kit

Pack a bag to take with you whenever you take your child away from home. Some items are listed here, although the list should be modified depending on the child's needs. 

Cleaning Equipment

Keeping respiratory equipment clean is essential for preventing respiratory infections. Many of the supplies used for tracheostomy care are intended to be disposable. 

Note:  Shiley package insert says:

"The Shiley Tracheostomy Tube is classified as a disposable medical device. The manufacture recommends that the Tracheostomy Tube usage not exceed 29 days"

Cannula & Obturator can be cleaned with half-strength hydrogen peroxide, half-strength vinegar, normal saline, or water and mild detergent. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse with sterile saline to remove any cleaning solution residues. DO NOT SOAK CANNULA IN PEROXIDE.

However, sometimes in order to control cost, supplies must be washed and reused. While this is not always recommended, sometimes it is unavoidable. There are several different solution, techniques and frequencies for cleaning equipment. Check with the manufacture, equipment supplier or respiratory therapist for recommendations for your equipment. Following are some suggested routines for cleaning equipment. Wash your hands before and after cleaning equipment.

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